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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/15] Add basic support for Socionext Milbeaut M10V SoC

Thank you for your comments.

On 2019/02/18 21:20, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 1:24 PM Sugaya Taichi
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here is the series of patches the initial support for SC2000(M10V) of
>> Milbeaut SoCs. "M10V" is the internal name of SC2000, so commonly used in
>> source code.
>> SC2000 is a SoC of the Milbeaut series. equipped with a DSP optimized for
>> computer vision. It also features advanced functionalities such as 360-degree,
>> real-time spherical stitching with multi cameras, image stabilization for
>> without mechanical gimbals, and rolling shutter correction. More detail is
>> below:
>> Specifications for developers are below:
>> - Quad-core 32bit Cortex-A7 on ARMv7-A architecture
>> - NEON support
>> - DSP
>> - GPU
>> - MAX 3GB DDR3
>> - Cortex-M0 for power control
>> - NAND Flash Interface
>> - SD UHS-I
>> - SD UHS-II
>> - SDIO
>> - USB2.0 HOST / Device
>> - USB3.0 HOST / Device
>> - PCI express Gen2
>> - Ethernet Engine
>> - I2C
>> - UART
>> - SPI
>> - PWM
>> Support is quite minimal for now, since it only includes timer, clock,
>> pictrl and serial controller drivers, so we can only boot to userspace
>> through initramfs. Support for the other peripherals will come eventually.
> I've looked over the platform once more. Overall, it looks very good, and
> I'd still like to merge this for linux-5.1, but we are running out of time
> there. If you send the patches to quickly, we can try to
> still merge them in, but if anything goes wrong, it will have to wait until
> we start merging patches for 5.2, directly after 5.1 is out.

I see.
I do my best to make it.

> I did not look at the device driver patches (clk, clocksource, pinctrl, serial)
> in much detail. If you have an Ack from the maintainers, feel free to
> include them in the series, otherwise let's merge the rest now and then
> you can send the updated patches for inclusion through the subsystem
> trees in 5.2.

OK, I'll add the patches with "Acked" or "Reviewed" tag.

> I have sent a few comments. The only one that is really important
> here is the missing platform check in the suspend options. Please
> try to address most of the other commentsm, either by changing the
> code, or by explaining why your version is correct.

Okay, try to address them.
I send the next version as soon as possible.

Sugaya Taichi

> Arnd

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