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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH v2 17/33] ARM: davinci: aintc: move timer-specific irq_set_handler() out of irq.c
On 11/02/19 6:30 PM, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> On 11/02/2019 12:25, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:

>> + /*
>> + * Nobody knows why anymore, but this interrupt has been handled as
>> + * a level irq from the very beginning of davinci support in mainline
>> + * linux.
>> + */
>> + irq_set_handler(DAVINCI_INTC_IRQ(IRQ_TINT1_TINT34), handle_level_irq);
>> +
> Now, the real question is: why isn't that set as part of the
> set_irq_type() callback, instead of hardcoding it in the platform?
> This is exactly the kind of information that should come as part of the
> DT or from the driver as one of the request_irq() flags.
> It would save quite a bit of boilerplate code.

True, but I would keep this series feature/bug compatible with existing
code. Without that, tracking regression reports will be a nightmare. Its
a pretty major change already.

We can (and should) fix this, but I prefer thats done as follow-up patch
after this series is merged. That way a revert is easy.

BTW, I don't quite see which in-kernel module uses this interrupt. It
might be some out-of-tree code, or some code that since got removed from


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