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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] dax: "Hotplug" persistent memory for use like normal RAM
Le 11/02/2019 à 17:22, Dave Hansen a écrit :

> On 2/9/19 3:00 AM, Brice Goglin wrote:
>> I've used your patches on fake hardware (memmap=xx!yy) with an older
>> nvdimm-pending branch (without Keith's patches). It worked fine. This
>> time I am running on real Intel hardware. Any idea where to look ?
> I've run them on real Intel hardware too.
> Could you share the exact sequence of commands you're issuing to
> reproduce the hang? My guess would be that there's some odd interaction
> between Dan's latest branch and my now (slightly) stale patches.
> I'll refresh them this week and see if I can reproduce what you're seeing.

# ndctl disable-region all
# ndctl zero-labels all
# ndctl enable-region region0
# ndctl create-namespace -r region0 -t pmem -m devdax
"size":"1488.37 GiB (1598.13 GB)",
"size":"1488.37 GiB (1598.13 GB)",
"size":"1488.37 GiB (1598.13 GB)"
# ndctl enable-namespace namespace0.0
# echo -n dax0.0 > /sys/bus/dax/drivers/device_dax/remove_id

I tried with and without dax_pmem_compat loaded, but it doesn't help.


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