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SubjectRe: [PATCH] livepatch: Enforce reliable stack trace as config dependency
On Sat 2019-02-09 14:47:28, Kamalesh Babulal wrote:
> While the consistency model was introduced, architectures without the
> reliable stack trace implementation could use the immediate flag for
> livepatching but with its own limitations.
> After removal of the immediate flag by commit d0807da78e11
> ("livepatch: Remove immediate feature"), reliable stack trace became
> enforcing dependency for livepatch support on any architecture. In
> the current code, we ensure that the dependency is met when
> enabling the patch during the module load.
> This dependency check can be improved by moving it to the Kconfig,
> which disables the support for livepatching in the kernel for unmet
> dependencies. This patch moves both HAVE_RELIABLE_STACKTRACE and
> STACKTRACE under config LIVEPATCH, it also removes the
> klp_have_reliable_stack() function.
> Loading a livepatching module on an architecture where reliable
> stack trace is yet to be implemented, the user should see:
> insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ./livepatch-sample.ko: Invalid module format
> ...
> [ 286.453463] livepatch_sample: module is marked as livepatch module, but livepatch support is disabled
> [ Suggested to explicitly add CONFIG_STACKTRACE under
> config LIVEPATCH]
> Signed-off-by: Kamalesh Babulal <>

Acked-by: Petr Mladek <>

Best Regards,

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