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SubjectRe: [TEGRA194_CPUFREQ Patch 1/3] firmware: tegra: adding function to get BPMP data
On 04-12-19, 10:33, Thierry Reding wrote:
> Yeah, the code that registers this device is in drivers/base/cpu.c in
> register_cpu(). It even retrieves the device tree node for the CPU from
> device tree and stores it in cpu->dev.of_node, so we should be able to
> just pass &cpu->dev to tegra_bpmp_get() in order to retrieve a reference
> to the BPMP.
> That said, I'm wondering if perhaps we could just add a compatible
> string to the /cpus node for cases like this where we don't have an
> actual device representing the CPU complex. There are a number of CPU
> frequency drivers that register dummy devices just so that they have
> something to bind a driver to.
> If we allow the /cpus node to represent the CPU complex (if no other
> "device" does that yet), we can add a compatible string and have the
> cpufreq driver match on that.
> Of course this would be slightly difficult to retrofit into existing
> drivers because they'd need to remain backwards compatible with existing
> device trees. But it would allow future drivers to do this a little more
> elegantly. For some SoCs this may not matter, but especially once you
> start depending on additional resources this would come in handy.
> Adding Rob and the device tree mailing list for feedback on this idea.

Took some time to find this thread, but something around this was
suggested by Rafael earlier.


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