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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/2] Add workaround for core wake-up on IPI for i.MX8MQ
On 19-11-08 12:21:21, Martin Kepplinger wrote:

> Hi Leonard, hi Abel,
> Thanks for having a look! To sum up this problem and not to get confused:
> We have the workaround that changes irq-imx-gpcv2 from this very email
> thread, to be used with mainline ATF. when applying Abel's recent diff,
> Linux 5.4 boots but I still don't have a cpuidle driver.
> When I enable CONFIG_ARM_PSCI_CPUIDLE, the kernel hangs during boot
> (after probing mmc, but that doesn't tell much)
> What do I miss?

OK, please fetch the branches called "imx8mq-err11171" from both following github repos and give it a try:


I just tested it. Works with defconfig.

> Then (in parallel) we have NXP's ATF:
> that I test in parallel (and will actually want to have cpuidle right
> now too). The workaround in Linux in that case looks like so:
> which changes irq-gic-v3 only.

Forget about the NXP arm-trusted-firmware for now. It will never work with mainline + the workaround patches.

> Since 5.4, also no cpu-sleep state anymore. What would need to change in
> that "NXP" case, for 5.4 to have cpuidle again?
> When I enable ARM_PSCI_CPUIDLE here, right now Linux hangs during boot
> (during probing sdhci but again that seems random).
> I'm still happy for hints :)
> Thanks,
> martin

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