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SubjectRe: [Freedreno] [PATCH] drm/msm/dsi: Delay drm_panel_enable() until dsi_mgr_bridge_enable()
On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 2:29 PM Stephan Gerhold <> wrote:
> At the moment, the MSM DSI driver calls drm_panel_enable() rather early
> from the DSI bridge pre_enable() function. At this point, the encoder
> (e.g. MDP5) is not enabled, so we have not started transmitting
> video data.
> However, the drm_panel_funcs documentation states that enable()
> should be called on the panel *after* video data is being transmitted:
> The .prepare() function is typically called before the display controller
> starts to transmit video data. [...] After the display controller has
> started transmitting video data, it's safe to call the .enable() function.
> This will typically enable the backlight to make the image on screen visible.
> Calling drm_panel_enable() too early causes problems for some panels:
> The TFT LCD panel used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (2015) (APQ8016)
> uses the MIPI_DCS_SET_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS command to control
> backlight/brightness of the screen. The enable sequence is therefore:
> drm_panel_enable()
> drm_panel_funcs.enable():
> backlight_enable()
> backlight_ops.update_status():
> mipi_dsi_dcs_set_display_brightness(dsi, bl->props.brightness);
> The panel seems to silently ignore the MIPI_DCS_SET_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS
> command if it is sent too early. This prevents setting the initial brightness,
> causing the display to be enabled with minimum brightness instead.
> Adding various delays in the panel initialization code does not result
> in any difference.
> On the other hand, moving drm_panel_enable() to dsi_mgr_bridge_enable()
> fixes the problem, indicating that the panel requires the video stream
> to be active before the brightness command is accepted.
> Therefore: Move drm_panel_enable() to dsi_mgr_bridge_enable() to
> delay calling it until video data is being transmitted.
> Move drm_panel_disable() to dsi_mgr_bridge_disable() for similar reasons.
> (This is not strictly required for the panel affected above...)
> Tested-by: Jasper Korten <>
> Signed-off-by: Stephan Gerhold <>
> ---
> Since this is a core change I thought it would be better to send this
> early. I believe Jasper still wants to finish some other changes before
> submitting the initial device tree for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (2015). ;)
> I also tested it on msm8916-samsung-a5u-eur, its display is working fine
> with or without this patch.

Nack, please. I was curious so I threw this on the Lenovo Miix 630
laptop. I don't get a display back with this patch. I'll try to
figure out why, but currently I can't get into the machine.

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