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SubjectRe: Is negative publicity always harmful? - I support RMS' past "pro-paedo" statements
On 2019-11-08 04:39, wrote:
> Go to hell, you nasty, sick, subhuman fuck.

Chocolate Jollis 38 at
We all die and go to Sheol eventually.
(Except, perhaps, Prophets, here and there)
(RMS is our Software Prophet)

If you think I am "subhuman", judge me on my merits: this is my current
free software project: . I
brought it from 18 weapons to over 200, from 3 vehicles to 30, from 0
spells to over 50, added city generation, built the building models
(which include interiors), built the level-of-detail models for such
things, added RTS style building, and mine-craft-style block building,
added furnishings, and made 50 levels myself. (And of, course, over 100
other models needed, and music, and 2 texturesets I made). All of it is
free software and free media (GPL2, GPL3, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, etc)

I absolutely support RMS' past "pro-paedo" statements, so do many of us
men in the programming and hacker communities. I want RMS to know that,
instead of having input only from what are called "normies" today. None
of his statements were wrong, but you guys pressured him and pushed him
and got him to recant.

And then you attacked him anyway and got him thrown out of his home of
40 years. Because you're you. That's what "Your kind" does. Just like my
"subhuman" kind writes free software for decades, and supports
immigration to turn your terrible societies into a society where men can
be happy.

>> On Nov 7, 2019, at 10:20 AM, wrote:
>> [Looks like everyone's going all-in in this thread, so be it]
>> I am glad RMS made past pro-paedophile statements. I support them, as
>> a man, and as an enemy of women who want men to be equal or servile to
>> women.
>> The Torah explicitly allows men to marry female children, including in
>> cases of the rape (tahphas) of the girl child: Devarim chapter 22,
>> verse 28. Key words: Na'ar (child (hebrew masoretic text)), Padia
>> (child: padia+philos = paedophillia (greek septuagint)) Puella (young
>> girl (latin vulgate))
>>> Nachmanides points out that a child may be called na'ar from the
>>> moment he is born.
>> Sunni Islam also allows child brides: Bukari Hadith book 5. Ashia was
>> a child when she married Muhammed:
>> Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236
>> Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64
>> Sahih Bukhari 8:73:151
>> The vedic traditions also allow, or require, child marraige: saying
>> that if a man fails to marry his daughter off by 9 or 12 he goes to
>> hell.
>> I am a prolific free-software hacker and have been so for 20 years.
>> (My current project is: ,
>> where I brought the project from 18 weapons to over 200, added spell
>> casting, city generation, built many maps(50+) and 3d models (100+),
>> along with textures, music, etc)
>> I am also a licensed attorney.
>> I support RMS' past statements regarding paedophillia, and am saddened
>> and hurt that he has retracted them and has stepped away on the path
>> to eventually presumably endorsing the jailing, torture, and killing
>> of man-on-girl (AKA: virgin marraige) paedophiles: in keeping with the
>> religion of his despicable country and the rulers there-of (said
>> country's women)
>> Why RMS? Why?
>> Man+girl is GOOD for men.
>> It's BAD for women.
>> Man being an economic slave to woman is GOOD for women, and BAD for
>> men. There is no happy middle ground.
>>> On 2019-11-06 02:54, Ruben Safir wrote:
>>>> On 11/5/19 4:02 PM, Thompson, David wrote:
>>>> Maybe this would be a reasonable request if we ignored all the
>>>> context
>>>> of what has transpired in the past month or so (which, we must not
>>>> forget, was just the straw that broke the camel's back after *years*
>>>> of problematic behavior),
>>> there has been NO problematic behavior by RMS. You would never have
>>> survived 30+ years in the spotlight like he has. He has been rock
>>> solid
>>> and saying otherwise don't give it any ground.

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