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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/3] reset: npcm: add NPCM reset driver support
Hi Tomer,

On Wed, 2019-11-06 at 16:53 +0200, Tomer Maimon wrote:
> This patch set adds reset controller support
> for the Nuvoton NPCM Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).
> Apart of controlling all NPCM BMC reset module lines the NPCM reset driver
> support NPCM BMC software reset to restarting the NPCM BMC.
> Supporting NPCM USB-PHY reset as follow:
> NPCM BMC USB-PHY connected to two modules USB device (UDC) and USB host.
> If we will restart the USB-PHY at the UDC probe and later the
> USB host probe will restart USB-PHY again it will disable the UDC
> and vice versa.
> The solution is to reset the USB-PHY at the reset probe stage before
> the UDC and the USB host are initializing.
> NPCM reset driver tested on NPCM750 evaluation board.
> Addressed comments from:.
> - Philipp Zabel
> Changes since version 4:
> - Check for stored GCR string in the of_device_id->data to gain
> GCR regmap access.
> - Adding check if the user used undefined reset pins
> in the of_xlate function.
> - Remove nr_resets initialization since it of_xlate replaced
> with the custom version.

Thanks, all three applied to reset/next with Rob's R-b.


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