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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm64: dts: realtek: Add Realtek rtd1619 and mjolnir
Hi James,

Am 20.11.19 um 08:58 schrieb James Tai:
>> This conflicts with what I see in BSP irq mux code here:
>> qchip/irq-rtd16xx.h
>> That does show UR0 as bit 2 for the iso irq mux, as for previous SoCs.
>> Is that code wrong, or does the same UART0 IP block have two alternative
>> interrupts for backwards compatibility? I therefore held back RTD1619 irq mux
>> patches from my irqchip v4 series [1].
> It is code wrong. The UR0 should remove from "irq-rtd16xx.h".

Actually, I just tested that UR0 works! (rev A01) So we shouldn't remove
it from the irqchip driver, given the mapping changes requested for v5.

RTD1619 driver support and DT nodes pushed to my rtd1295-next branch.

>> The BSP DT does assign non-mux interrupts to the UART node like you did:
>> 64/boot/dts/realtek/rtd16xx/rtd-16xx.dtsi
>> And I obviously trust that you tested your DT to produce serial output.

We should obviously leave the new GIC interrupts in the DT.


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