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SubjectRE: [PATCH] arm64: dts: realtek: Add Realtek rtd1619 and mjolnir
Hi Andreas,

> This conflicts with what I see in BSP irq mux code here:
> qchip/irq-rtd16xx.h
> That does show UR0 as bit 2 for the iso irq mux, as for previous SoCs.
> Is that code wrong, or does the same UART0 IP block have two alternative
> interrupts for backwards compatibility? I therefore held back RTD1619 irq mux
> patches from my irqchip v4 series [1].
It is code wrong. The UR0 should remove from "irq-rtd16xx.h".

> The BSP DT does assign non-mux interrupts to the UART node like you did:
> 64/boot/dts/realtek/rtd16xx/rtd-16xx.dtsi
> And I obviously trust that you tested your DT to produce serial output.

> Also note how there are UR1_TO and UR2_TO (TO = timeout?) in addition to
> regular UR1 and UR2 interrupts in the mux above, just as for RTD1295 and
> RTD1195 (UR1/UR1_TO only). From my irqmux v4 series posted last night I had
> to drop those additional interrupts property values from the DT [2], as they
> violate mainline's DesignWare DT schema's maxItems 1 and would require a
> new compatible string (and a driver patch to make use of it).
Yes, TO is interrupt timeout.


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