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SubjectRe: cdrom: make debug logging rely on pr_debug and debugfs only.
On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 4:00 PM Michal Suchánek <> wrote:
> can you change cd_dbg to a macro that always prints the device name
> using pr_debug instead of removing it?

I can try doing that (need to figure out how, of course.)

Should I split the change that removes the debug parameter /
ERRORLOGMASK parts? To be honest those are the parts that appear more
of a duplication than the macro itself, so it might make sense to
remove the custom debug selection, and then add the device name on top
of that?

> Also consider adding some relevant mailinglist to cc. I think the
> MAINTAINERS even specifies linux-scsi for cdrom and/or sr.

Ack, will do that, sorry I appear to have missed it :(

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