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SubjectRe: (Censored) Why will no-one sue GrSecurity for their blatant GPL violation (of GCC and the linux kernel)?
* <> [2019-11-01 00:03]:
> I tried to send this to the list, but it was dropped as spam, which is no
> surprise since the some want to screen communications to RMS and thus
> control him.

... cut...

> Wouldn't the FSF have standing regarding the GCC plugins atleast?
> Couldn't you all rally linux-kernel copyright holders to bring a joint
> action?
> References:
> (Page 10 onward of this brief gives a good recitation of the facts and
> issues

Recommended reads:

Enforcing the GNU GPL by Eben Moglen


The Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement by Joshua Gay


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