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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] Input: mms114 - add support for mms345l
Hi Dmitry,

> > There was a related patch [2] that removes I2C_M_NOSTART for all models,
> > but it seems abandoned and I do not have any other model for testing.
> > Therefore, this patch implements the least instrusive solution
> > and only removes I2C_M_NOSTART for MMS345L.
> Hmm, at this point I am inclined to pick up Andi's patch since it seems
> to work for you and him and it looks like Android drivers are not using
> I2C_M_NOSTART. I wonder if this was some quirk/big on the platform where
> it was originally developed.

I completely forgot about that patch :)

I should refresh some old work on that device which was left

> Any objections?

It's OK for me. If you can just update my e-mail, please, when
applying the patch to "". Thanks!

Thank you,

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