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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 08/14] dmaengine: ti: New driver for K3 UDMA - split#1: defines, structs, io func
On 01/10/2019 09:16, Peter Ujfalusi wrote:
> Split patch for review containing: defines, structs, io and low level
> functions and interrupt callbacks.
> DMA driver for
> Texas Instruments K3 NAVSS Unified DMA – Peripheral Root Complex (UDMA-P)
> The UDMA-P is intended to perform similar (but significantly upgraded) functions
> as the packet-oriented DMA used on previous SoC devices. The UDMA-P module
> supports the transmission and reception of various packet types. The UDMA-P is
> architected to facilitate the segmentation and reassembly of SoC DMA data
> structure compliant packets to/from smaller data blocks that are natively
> compatible with the specific requirements of each connected peripheral. Multiple
> Tx and Rx channels are provided within the DMA which allow multiple segmentation
> or reassembly operations to be ongoing. The DMA controller maintains state
> information for each of the channels which allows packet segmentation and
> reassembly operations to be time division multiplexed between channels in order
> to share the underlying DMA hardware. An external DMA scheduler is used to
> control the ordering and rate at which this multiplexing occurs for Transmit
> operations. The ordering and rate of Receive operations is indirectly controlled
> by the order in which blocks are pushed into the DMA on the Rx PSI-L interface.
> The UDMA-P also supports acting as both a UTC and UDMA-C for its internal
> channels. Channels in the UDMA-P can be configured to be either Packet-Based or
> Third-Party channels on a channel by channel basis.
> The initial driver supports:
> - MEM_TO_MEM (TR mode)
> - DEV_TO_MEM (Packet / TR mode)
> - MEM_TO_DEV (Packet / TR mode)
> - Cyclic (Packet / TR mode)
> - Metadata for descriptors
> Signed-off-by: Peter Ujfalusi <>

Did review this to best of my ability but could not find anything
obviously broken, thus:

Reviewed-by: Tero Kristo <>

Texas Instruments Finland Oy, Porkkalankatu 22, 00180 Helsinki. Y-tunnus/Business ID: 0615521-4. Kotipaikka/Domicile: Helsinki

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