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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] media: af9035: add support for Logilink VG0022A
> Unfortunately, after applying these four patches it doesn't work for me.

Your patch disables firmware loading at dvb-frontends/si2168.c:449 while
my original one disabled it at tuners/si2157.c:554:

case SI_BOGUS:
dev_info(&client->dev, "bogus chip version, trying with no firmware\n");
fw_name = NULL;

According to my dmesg the following chip is found:

[ 141.726488] si2157 10-0063: found a 'Silicon Labs Si2147-A30'
[ 141.777647] si2157 10-0063: firmware version: 3.0.5

So according to:

case SI2147_A30:
case SI2146_A10:
fw_name = NULL;

it should work. Hmmm.


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