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Subject[RESEND] everything text-poke: ftrace, modules, static_call and jump_label

Because typing on a Monday is hard, here's a resend with the LKML address


Hi All,

Here are 4 series that have accumulated in my queue for a while and I
figured I'd 'finish' and send out again.

The first series is rewriting x86/ftrace to use the normal text_poke()
interfaces we have, which rids us of the last major W^X violation and a
whole second implementation of the INT3 breakpoint code patching

The second series cleans up various module stuff.

The third series is a refresh of the static_call() implementation. I've
been meaning to use that to get rid of a number of indirect calls in the
x86 pmu implementation (RETPOLINE made them so much more painful), but
also other people have been asking for it. This series has a lot of new
patches since last time, most all a result of me trying to actually use

The fourth series is something that has been languishing in my queue for
a long while and I figure I'd send it out to see if anybody has any
clever ideas on how to proceed with it.

They're all related, and the 3rd and 4rd series depend on the first two.
But instead of sending a giant 30+ patch series, I figured I'd send you 4
smaller series instead ;-)


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