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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] efi: Export Runtime Configuration Interface table to sysfs
On Wed, Oct 02, 2019 at 10:22:10AM +0000, K, Narendra wrote:
> > I hope I managed to convince you of the benefits.
> Thank you Geert. The description is helpful. I am working on it.
> As I understand, the issue is 'make oldconfig' provides a prompt to the user
> and user is expecting that a prompt is not needed as the option is not
> relevant.
> I cloned upstream kernel 5.3.2 as it does not have EFI_RCI2_TABLE option
> and generated a .config by calling 'make defconfig'. The .config has
> COMPILE_TEST set to n. I copied it to 5.4-rc1 and added 'depends on COMPILE_TEST'
> to drivers/firmware/efi/Kconfig (did not add CONFIG_X86 because it is
> set to y by the defconfig from 5.3.2). 'make oldconfig' still provides a
> prompt for CONFIG_EFI_RCI2_TABLE.
> I removed 'depends on COMPILE_TEST' from Kconfig and modified it to
> include the below change -
> config EFI_RCI2_TABLE
> bool
> prompt "EFI Runtime Configuration Interface Table Version 2 Support" if COMPILE_TEST
> default n
> help
> Adding the condition to the 'prompt' section seems to have desired
> result. With this change, 'make oldconfig' did not provide a prompt.
> It seems like 'make oldconfig' will provide a prompt to the user if the
> CONFIG option is new and providing the prompt does not depend on the
> 'depends on' section. It seems to be dependent on the 'prompt' section.
> Any thoughts ? If the above understanding is correct, I will work to
> submit a patch with 'prompt' section modified to contain
> prompt "EFI Runtime Configuration Interface Table Version 2 Support" if X86 || COMPILE_TEST


I submitted the patch with above approach.

With regards,
Narendra K
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