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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/5] MIPS: JZ4780: DTS: Add CPU nodes
Hi Paul and other.
> Hi Alexandre,
> This should probably be something like ingenic,xburst2. JZ4780 is the
> SoC. It also should be a documented binding, but I think it would be
> worth holding off on the whole thing until we actually get SMP support
> merged - just in case we come up with a binding that doesn't actually
> work out.
> So I expect I'll just apply patches 1-4 for now.
> Thanks for working on it!

I holding the CPU patch at this time for more work later, I would like
to upstream some patchs from this repository:

How i can do that and keep the contributors history ?

Thanks for the help.

Ps: I try to unban my e-mail server from office365...

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