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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] docs: Programmatically render MAINTAINERS into ReST
On Tue,  1 Oct 2019 11:25:30 -0700
Kees Cook <> wrote:

> v1:
> v2: fix python2 utf-8 issue thanks to Jonathan Corbet
> Commit log from Patch 2 repeated here for cover letter:
> In order to have the MAINTAINERS file visible in the rendered ReST
> output, this makes some small changes to the existing MAINTAINERS file
> to allow for better machine processing, and adds a new Sphinx directive
> "maintainers-include" to perform the rendering.

OK, I've applied this. Some notes, none of which really require any

It adds a new warning:

/stuff/k/git/kernel/MAINTAINERS:40416: WARNING: unknown document: ../misc-devices/xilinx_sdfec

I wonder if it's worth checking to be sure that documents referenced in
MAINTAINERS actually exist. OTOH, things as they are generate a warning,
which is what we want anyway.

I did various experiments corrupting the MAINTAINERS file and got some
fairly unphotogenic results. Again, though, I'm not sure that adding a
bunch of code to generate warnings is really worth the trouble.

The resulting HTML file is 3.4MB and definitely makes my browser sweat when
loading it :)

It adds about 20 seconds to a full "make htmldocs" build, which takes just
over 3 minutes on the system in question. So a 10% overhead, essentially.

All told, it does what it's expected to do. Thanks for doing this.


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