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Subject[PATCH] si2157: Add support for Logilink VG0022A.
Dear Mauro!

Thanks for your reply, I tried to address most of your concerns,
so please bear with me (especially this is my first email with
git send-email). :)

> First of all, don't attach a patch. Instead, just send it with a decent
> emailer (with won't mangle whitespaces) or use git send-email...


> You shouldn't just blindly comment out some code, as this will very likely
> break support for all other devices supported by the driver...

Done. I extracted power_up into its own function, chip querying is now
done in probe. I don't have enough knowledge about hardware to do the
right thing on my own. If there is anybody willing to guide me I will
spend some time on it.

The original patch where the problem is discussed is

> ... yet, looking on what you've done, it seems that you're actually
> adding support for a different tuner at the si2157 driver.
> If this is the case, this should be on a separate patch, and in a way
> that it will become clear that it won't break support for any existing
> device.

I'm not entirely sure how to split this up. Can you give some advice?

> Why did you do such change? dev_dbg can already print the function, and
> much more. See:

Thanks for the link. I removed these lines.

> The above seems specific for your device. You need to check if the device
> is USB_VID_DEXATEK, running the code only on such case.

Done. Though I'm not sure whether I did it the right way.

Thanks for all the advice, I hope this will be included eventually.

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