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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drm/amdgpu: fix structurally dead code vcn_v2_5_hw_init

On 10/1/19 17:21, Liu, Leo wrote:

>>>> OK. So, maybe we can add a comment pointing that out?
>>> That could be better.
>> Great. I'm glad it's not a bug. I'll write a patch for that so other
>> people don't waste time taking a look.
> Thanks, just sent two patches to add comment, and long with the patch to
> make VCN ring ready properly.

Awesome. Thank you. I would just add a commit log to this patch:

[PATCH 2/2] drm/amdgpu: add a comment to VCN 2.5 encode ring

I'd update the subject to: drm/amdgpu: add code comment in vcn_v2_5_hw_init
and add this as a commit log: Add a comment to VCN 2.5 encode ring

Also, I think it's important to follow the process and CC all the people and lists

$ scripts/ --nokeywords --nogit --nogit-fallback drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/vcn_v2_5.c
Alex Deucher <> (supporter:RADEON and AMDGPU DRM DRIVERS)
"Christian König" <> (supporter:RADEON and AMDGPU DRM DRIVERS)
"David (ChunMing) Zhou" <> (supporter:RADEON and AMDGPU DRM DRIVERS)
David Airlie <> (maintainer:DRM DRIVERS)
Daniel Vetter <> (maintainer:DRM DRIVERS) (open list:RADEON and AMDGPU DRM DRIVERS) (open list:DRM DRIVERS) (open list)


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