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Subject5.3.3??? [was Re: Linux 5.3.2]
On Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 09:04:57AM +0200, Greg KH wrote:
> I'm announcing the release of the 5.3.2 kernel.
> All users of the 5.3 kernel series must upgrade.

Ok, I messed up this morning and typed "5.3" instead of "5.2" in my
scripts and an "empty" 5.3.3 kernel got released. Well kind of, it got
checked into git, but there wasn't anything to release so things got a
bit confused.

So just consider 5.3.3 a "nothing to see here, ignore the man who forgot
to release kernels _after_ coffee and not before" type of release.

5.3.4 will be the _next_ release after this one, sorry for any


greg k-h

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