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SubjectRE: Re: [PATCH] drivers: extcon: Add support for ptn5150
>Hi Chanwoo Choi,
>This is the first time I am sending a driver to LKML. I have a few doubts. Can
>you please clarify them when you are free?

Although I'm not Chanwoo, but a guy who's about 50ft away from his cubicle,
as he appears to be busy today... :)

>1. I have developed and tested this patch on 4.14.89 kernel. When trying to
>mainline the driver should I rebase and send the patch on top of current tree(v5.0-rc2)?

Yes, you are supposed to be based on the most recent RC.

>2. Is there any specific git on which I should test this driver on? Like below?

I'd recommend to pull torvald's master with RC tag.


>Vijai Kumar K

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