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    Subjectrcutorture: meaning of "End of test: RCU_HOTPLUG"
    Hi, guys
    While running rcutorture tests with "onoff_interval", some tests
    failed and results show like:

    [ 316.354501] srcud-torture:--- End of test: RCU_HOTPLUG: nreaders=1
    nfakewriters=4 stat_interval=60 verbose=2 test_no_idle_hz=1
    shuffle_interval=3 stutter=5 irqreader=1 fq\
    s_duration=0 fqs_holdoff=0 fqs_stutter=3 test_boost=1/0
    test_boost_interval=7 test_boost_duration=4 shutdown_secs=0 stall_cpu=0
    stall_cpu_holdoff=10 stall_cpu_irqsoff=0 n_ba\
    rrier_cbs=0 onoff_interval=3 onoff_holdoff=0

    I am wondering that meaning of "RCU_HOTPLUG". Is it expected because
    cpu hotplug is enabled in the test? Or just represents another type of


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