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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/2] media: imx: csi: Disable SMFC before disabling IDMA channel

On 1/21/19 10:43 AM, Steve Longerbeam wrote:
> On 1/21/19 3:49 AM, Philipp Zabel wrote:
>> Also ipu_smfc_disable is refcounted, so if the other CSI is capturing
>> simultaneously, this change has no effect.
> Sigh, you're right. Let me go back to disabling the CSI before the
> channel, the CSI enable/disable is not refcounted (it doesn't need to
> be since it is single use) so it doesn't have this problem.
> Should we drop this patch or keep it (with a big comment)? By only
> changing the disable order to "CSI then channel", the hang is reliably
> fixed from my and Gael's testing, but my concern is that by not
> disabling the SMFC before the channel, the SMFC could still empty its
> FIFO to the channel's internal FIFO and still create a hang.

Well, as you said it will have no effect if both CSI's are streaming
with the SMFC, in which case the danger would still exist. Perhaps it
would be best to just drop this patch.


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