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SubjectRe: [PATCH] doc:it_IT: add translations in process/
On Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:13:41 +0100
Federico Vaga <> wrote:

> This patch adds the Italian translation for the following documents
> in Documentation/process:
> - applying-patches
> - submit-checklist
> - submitting-drivers
> - changes
> - stable api nonsense
> Signed-off-by: Federico Vaga <>

In general, this looks good. One thing jumped at me, though...(OK, more
than one, but only one to fix):

> +Perl
> +----
> +
> +Per compilare il kernel vi servirà perl 5 e i seguenti moduli ``Getopt::Long``,
> +``Getopt::Std``, ``File::Basename``, e ``File::Find``.

Didn't Rob Landley go though some considerable pain a while back to
eliminate Perl from the basic kernel build? This, perhaps, should come out
of the original. (As long as it's still there, it makes sense to be in the
translation, of course).

> +Modifiche architetturali
> +------------------------
> +
> +DevFS è stato reso obsoleto da udev
> +(
> +
> +Il supporto per UID a 32-bit è ora disponibile. Divertitevi!

Speaking of stuff that should come out of the original...this is not
exactly news at this point...

Meanwhile, here is the thing that actually needs to be fixed:

> +Raiserfsprogs
> +-------------
> +
> +Il pacchetto raiserfsprogs dovrebbe essere usato con raiserfs-3.6.x (Linux
> +kernel 2.4.x). Questo è un pacchetto combinato che contiene versioni
> +funzionanti di ``mkreiserfs``, ``resize_reiserfs``, ``debugreiserfs`` e
> +``reiserfsck``. Questi programmi funzionano sulle piattaforme i386 e alpha.

Even in Italian, I believe that 'Reiser" is spelled "Reiser"...



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