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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/29] staging: bcm2835-audio: Cleanups and fixes
Hi Takashi,

> Takashi Iwai <> hat am 4. September 2018 um 17:58 geschrieben:
> Hi,
> since I had an opportunity to play with RPi3B+ recently, I took a look
> at the existing bcm2835-audio driver code and was amused very much :)
> So here is the result, a cleanup and fix patch series.
> Most of the patches are trivial cleanups, just brushing up, removing
> many redundant and buggy codes, as well as code simplifications.
> A big functional change is that now it uses non-atomic PCM ops, so
> that we can kill the ugly workqueue usages. Also, the resource
> management was simplified.

first of all, thank you very much for this series.

Eric has no time as maintainer, so i will try to give you some feedback (beware of very little audio driver knowledge).

I functionally tested your patch series on a Raspberry Pi 1 B (bcm2835_defconfig), so this whole series is at least:

Tested-by: Stefan Wahren <>

Unfortunately there is still an corruption issue with underlying vchiq and multi_v7_defconfig, so no wider tests.

I don't know if you tested this series on a Raspberry Pi. Maybe you have some specific scenarios, which should be tested.

As a reviewer i have some suggestions, but only trivia. I don't know if it's a problem that this series hasn't been send to


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