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SubjectRe: Code of Conduct: Let's revamp it.
On Thu, 2018-09-20 at 03:14 +0100, Edward Cree wrote:

> I think there are important differences between code to be run by
> CPUs
> and a Code to be run by humans. And when the author goes on a
> victory
> lap on Twitter and declares the Code to be "a political document",
> is
> it any surprise I'm worried?

Speaking for myself, I expect there will be occasional
impedance mismatches in communication between people
from different cultures, and people with different

That is not only expected, it is also perfectly fine.

If people end up feeling like they are in conflict
with each other, and they would like help resolving
it, the first task of the TAB will be to mediate,
and help people figure out how communication could
be improved.

The goal of the code of conduct is to make the community
welcoming, and to help people with being a part of the
Linux community.

Mediation is not about telling people what to do,
but about asking the people involved what they would
like to see, and helping to breach the gap between
their styles of communication.

As an aside, the TAB has no power to remove anyone
from the community. Patches are applied by maintainers,
mailing lists are run by their administrators.

The only things the TAB can do is mediate and advise.

All Rights Reversed.
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