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SubjectALT+CTRL+F2 - Switch Terminal - agetty process
I am trying to understand how agetty process is called when
ALT+CTRL+F2/ALT+CTRL+F3/.... keys are pressed in CentOS or in any
other linux distro.

What I know so far
- systemd runs agetty.service with next tty[N] number
- agetty then run login process and then other process continues.

What I want to know
When ALT+CTRL+F2 keys are pressed what happens in kernel?

Looking at keyboard.c seems k_cons is called which calls set_console.

static void k_cons(struct vc_data *vc, unsigned char value, char up_flag)
if (up_flag)


I am not sure how set_console triggers agetty with tty2/tty3/tty4 as
one of it's parameter.

Any information will be helpful.


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