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Subject[PATCH v6 0/4] i2c-multi-instantiate pseudo driver
Hi All,

Here is v6 of my patch-series for dealing with multiple independent i2c
devices being described in a single ACPI fwnode.

Changes in v6:
-Added some Reviewed-by and Acked-by-s to patches 2-4
-4th patch "platform/x86: Add ACPI i2c-multi-instantiate pseudo driver":

Changes in v5:
-Only changes in the 4th patch "platform/x86: Add ACPI i2c-multi-instantiate pseudo driver":

Changes in v4:
-Rewrite commit message of first patch as this is NOT a bug fix for
acpi_is_indirect_io_slave() as I thought at first, it is still necessary
as a preperation patch for the rest of the series
-MAINTAINER and Kconfig entry fixes
-Some minor coding style fixes

Changes in v3:
-Drop the patch adding the I2C_CLIENT_IGNORE_BUSY flag/hack
-Add patches to make ACPI fwnode-s with affected acpi_ids get enumerated as
platform device instead of i2c-client
-Change the i2c-multi-instantiate driver to a platform driver

Changes in v2:
-Rebase on 4.18-rc2

Changes in v1:
-Second attempt at dealing with this using a new design where a separate
driver (which can be build as a module) is used to instantiate the
i2c-clients instead of modifying the i2c core
-Add an I2C_CLIENT_IGNORE_BUSY flag to make it possible for this driver to bind
to the client instantiated for the first i2c resource and still create a new
client using the i2c_client_id for the actual driver for the first resource,
resulting in 2 clients at the same address (of which one is inactive)



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