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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/6] irqchip: RISC-V Local Interrupt Controller Driver
On Fri, 3 Aug 2018, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Aug 2018 11:55:06 PDT (-0700), wrote:
> > Is there some high level documentation about the design (or the lack of) or
> > can someone give a concise explanation how this stuff is supposed to work?
> As part of our original push to upstream the arch code it was suggested that
> we move this out to an irqchip driver, but after actually attempting to do
> that it appears that the mechanics of doing so have overshadowed the
> complexity of the actual interrupt handling code, which is only a dozen or so
> instructions. In retrospect this is just another instance of me not knowing
> what I'm doing, sorry!
> I like Christoph's approach of merging the ISA-mandated interrupt handling
> code back into arch/riscv, as it's much saner that way. The one big headache
> is that because we special-cased timer interrupts in the ISA they now
> disappear from the standard Linux mechanisms for handling these.
> That said, I'd rather have this warts and all then wait around for something
> perfect, as maintaining a dozen or so out of tree drivers that are tightly
> coupled to the core arch code has proven to be a mess. If we can get the code
> upstream then everyone will be on the same page so we can work on actually
> improving this, as opposed to just spinning our wheels keeping this big mess
> alive.
> Hopefully that makes some amount of sense...

Thanks for the detailed explanation. It's what I extracted from the
documents to which Christoph pointed me. And as I said in the other thread
it does not realiy make sense to force that low level mechanism into an irq
chip. That would be overkill for no real value.



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