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Subject[git pull] vfs.git - a bit that should've been in misc branch
I expected more fs/dcache.c cleanups this cycle, so that went into
a separate branch; said cleanups have missed the window, so in the
hindsight it could've gone into work.misc instead. Decided not
to cherry-pick, thus the separate pull request.

PS: That's the last pull request for today; the only stuff not included
into those is dhowells' mount series.

PPS: Looking through the sent mail, this commit (pure removal of unused
function) is the only one not posted on fsdevel/l-k this cycle...

The following changes since commit ce397d215ccd07b8ae3f71db689aedb85d56ab40:

Linux 4.18-rc1 (2018-06-17 08:04:49 +0900)

are available in the git repository at:

git:// work.dcache

for you to fetch changes up to 63a67a926e214dac94e29147c0f3d11499f655a1:

kill dentry_update_name_case() (2018-06-23 17:16:44 -0400)

Al Viro (1):
kill dentry_update_name_case()

fs/dcache.c | 27 ---------------------------
include/linux/dcache.h | 2 --
2 files changed, 29 deletions(-)

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