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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 7/7] firmware: coreboot: Request table region for exclusive access
Quoting Stephen Boyd (2018-08-09 19:54:27)
> What's with the top posting? ;-)
> Quoting Julius Werner (2018-08-09 16:44:43)
> > Actually, looking at what IO_STRICT_DEVMEM really does, would it
> > really prevent userspace accesses to these areas? Because it seems
> > that it only prevents accesses to areas marked as IORESOURCE_BUSY, and
> > while I can't fully follow how the kernel assigns that, comments
> > suggest that this is only set when "Driver has marked this resource
> > busy".
> Requesting the memory region as is done in this patch marks it as busy.
> >
> > So after you make the change to the other patch where we immediately
> > unmap the coreboot table again at the end of the probe() function,
> > shouldn't it become available to userspace again even with
> Yes, if we unmap the region immediately after devices are populated then
> this whole point is moot with the assumption that this code isn't
> running at the same time as the cbmem utility. I've done this already
> and it is working on arm. I still need to build/boot/test on an x86
> platform which I should be able to do tomorrow.

I tried my latest version of the patches (unplubished so far) and those
work on x86 with cbmem. So things look good and we don't need to keep
the mapping around.

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