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Subject%ÿ4 Coding OS, Vanity gods, LKML/GNU Attiude Pro blems, Problematic Netelements in general.
Slight retweak, to %ÿ4 Coding OS.

Having had a bit of feel with the namechange I think I can do even
better. Looking at what really needs to be fixed with the internet,
starting with Fair Pay, getting rid of poor and thieving GNU, and
warezpups in general, LKML/GNU Attitude problems, and problematic
netelements in general, slight final finish with retweak to %ÿ4 coding OS.

A pop-culture threeletter concept, free of as much vains gods as possible.

I hope you will enjoy. I already am.

Our research and vision for computing forward:

Ywe Cærlyn
%ÿ4 Coding

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