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SubjectHH DL585 warm boot fail (old)
I have a first gen HP Proliant DL585 ("G1" but the name was not used 
back then) that boots up fine from poweron but usually fails bootup from
warm reboot, somewhere in PCI detection (will try to photographs the
screen some time).

I just stumbled upon an old OpenSolaris thead about the same DL585 and
same symptoms:

Their conclusion was the wfollowing and they seem to have found a fix
(although I have not tested any version of Solaris on this DL585

"The hang is caused when, during PCI enumeration, a PCI-PCI bridge is
partially disabled when the PCI command register bits which enable IO
and memory windows are cleared."

Is this information useful in some way for debugging it?

What else besides screenshot of the can be useful in debugging?

Meelis Roos (

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