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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/39 v7] PTI support for x86-32

> here is version 7 of my patches to enable PTI on x86-32.
> Changes to the previous version are:
> * Rebased to v4.18-rc4
> * Introduced pti_finalize() which is called after
> mark_readonly() and used to update the kernel
> mappings in the user page-table after RO/NX
> protections are in place.
> The patches need the vmalloc/ioremap fixes in tip/x86/mm to
> work correctly, because this enablement makes the issues
> fixed there more likely to happen.
> I did the load-testing again with 'perf top', the ldt_gdt
> self-test and a kernel-compile running in a loop again. The
> patches posted here were tested for 16 hours without any
> regression showing up. An earlier version of these patches
> based on v4.18-rc1 survived this test for over a week before
> I canceled the test. The test ran with enabled CR3 debugging
> added in the last patch of this series.

Would it make sense to merge the part of the series that was reviewed
without comments? It would get at least part of the series testing in


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