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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/6] Add MCAN Support for dra76x
* Faiz Abbas <> [180606 06:09]:
> The following patches add dts and sysconfig support
> for MCAN on TI's dra76 SOCs
> The patches depend on the following series:
> Changes in v3:
> 1. Added reset functionality to the ti-sysc
> driver. This enables me to drop the hwmod
> data patch as everything is being done in dt.
> 2. Dropped ti,hwmods from the dts nodes

Cool good to hear that works :)

> 4. Removed the status="disabled" in dtsi
> followed by status="okay" in dts.

Hmm okay is the default and is not needed. I did not notice
okay in this set based on a quick glance so maybe you already
dropped it?



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