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Subject[PATCH v4 0/2] cpufreq: qcom-fw: Add support for QCOM cpufreq FW driver
* Fixed console messages as per comments.
* Return error from qcom_resources_init()
in the cases where failed to get frequency domain.
* Rename cpu_dev to cpu_np in qcom_resources_init,
qcom_get_related_cpus(). Also use temp variable freq_np in
* Update qcom_cpufreq_fw_get() to use the policy data to incoporate
the hotplug use case.
* Update code to use of fast_switching.
* Check for !c->max_cores instead of cpumask_empty in
* Update the logic of assigning 'c' to qcom_freq_domain_map[cpu].

* Remove index check from 'qcom_cpufreq_fw_target_index'.
* Update the Documentation binding to add the platform specific properties in
the CPU nodes, node name "qcom,freq-domain".
* Update return value to '0' from -ENODEV from 'qcom_cpufreq_fw_get'.
* Update the logic for boost frequency to use local variables instead of
cpufreq driver data in 'qcom_read_lut'.
* Update the logic in 'qcom_get_related_cpus' to find the related cpus.
* Update the reg-names to remove "_base" and also update the binding with the
description of these registers.
* Update the logic in 'qcom_resources_init' to address the new device tree
notation of handling the frequency domain phandles.

* Fixed the alignment issues in "qcom_cpufreq_fw_target_index" for dev_err and
also for "qcom_cpu_resources_init".
* Removed ret = 0 from qcom_get_related_cpus and added to check for
cpu_mask_empty to return -ENOENT.
* Fixes qcom_cpu_resources_init function
* Remove initialization of 'index'
* Check for valid 'c'
* Removed initialization of 'prev_cc' from 'qcom_read_lut'.
* Remove initialization of 'ret' from function qcom_resources_init and add
return -ENODEV based on 'of_get_available_child_count'.
* Removed initialization of 'rc' from qcom_cpufreq_fw_driver_probe
* Removed module_exit as this driver would not be used as module, also updated
the Kconfig to bool from tristate.
* Updated the subsystem in device tree bindings.

* Fixed compilation reported by Amit K.

Taniya Das (2):
dt-bindings: cpufreq: Introduce QCOM CPUFREQ FW bindings
cpufreq: qcom-fw: Add support for QCOM cpufreq FW driver

.../bindings/cpufreq/cpufreq-qcom-fw.txt | 173 +++++++++++
drivers/cpufreq/Kconfig.arm | 9 +
drivers/cpufreq/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/cpufreq/qcom-cpufreq-fw.c | 336 +++++++++++++++++++++
4 files changed, 519 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/cpufreq/cpufreq-qcom-fw.txt
create mode 100644 drivers/cpufreq/qcom-cpufreq-fw.c

Qualcomm INDIA, on behalf of Qualcomm Innovation Center, a member
of the Code Aurora Forum, hosted by the Linux Foundation.

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