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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL 16/20] lightnvm: error handling when whole line is bad
> On 29 May 2018, at 15.15, Konopko, Igor J <> wrote:
>> From: Javier Gonzalez []
>> This case cannot occur on the only user of the function
>> (pblk_recov_l2p()). On the previous check (pblk_line_was_written()), we
>> verify the state of the line and the position of the first good chunk. In
>> the case of a bad line (less chunks than a given threshold to allow
>> emeta), the recovery will not be carried out in the line.
> You are right. It looks that during my testing there was some
> inconsistency between chunks state table which is verified inside
> pblk_line_was_written() and blk_bitmap which was read from emeta and
> is verified in pblk_line_smeta_start(). I'm living decision to
> maintainers whether we should keep this sanity check or not - it
> really just pass gracefully the result from pblk_line_smeta_start()
> where similar sanity check is present.

Let's avoid an extra check now that there is no users for it in the
current flow. If we have a new use for pblk_line_smeta_start() on a flow
that does cannot offer the same guarantees, we can add it at that point.

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