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SubjectRe: Motorola Droid 4 progress, power consumption
* Pavel Machek <> [180502 19:12]:
> Hi!
> > > Anyway, >5.5hours of standby with screen off, GSM on is already
> > > usable.
> >
> > Just to rub that in, you do mean GSM usable for voice calls and
> > SMS with your unicsy_demo with mainline kernel plus the pending
> > LCD related patches, right? :)
> Plus some other patches, yes.

Cool :)

> > It comes from the shunt resistor measured by the PMIC. Sorry I don't
> > remember how often it needs to be polled but I'm guessing polling it
> > once a minute or so should be plenty.
> Ok. I normally do once in 30 seconds.
> > Hmm oh and the POWER_SUPPLY_CHARGE_COUNTER value should be monitored
> > by your libbattery and it's low value and high value should be saved
> > to a file. Low should be saved when we get the battery low interrupt
> > and battery state changes to POWER_SUPPLY_CAPACITY_LEVEL_CRITICAL.
> > High value should be saved on POWER_SUPPLY_CAPACITY_LEVEL_FULL.
> >
> > Then when you know the high value and low value, you can calculate
> > the remaining capacity based on the current value and
> Ok, more stuff on TODO list. I actually use python hacks, and not
> libbattery now.
> Is this one correct?
> voltage_min_design:3100000

Yes I think that's the voltage we get battery empty interrupt
and cpcap_battery_irq_thread() calls orderly_poweroff() shuts down
the device.

> I believe you mentioned flash stops working at 3.3V. What is important
> from my point of view is to shut the system down when the battery is
> low. I believe that still needs to be implemented.

The 3.3V case was for a different device, so the minimum level
can board specific and less than what the battery thinks it
might be.

> Is it appropriate to shutdown at POWER_SUPPLY_CAPACITY_LEVEL_CRITICAL?
> But then libbattery will race with shutdown to save the thresholds...

No need to do anything except notify user at the battery

> I also have some hacks to allow configuration of the full
> voltage. Charging to 4.35V is pretty agressive, and I believe baterry
> will be damaged less if we only charge to 4.1V.

That should be based on the PMIC register values that Android
uses. Worth rechecking for sure, I thought it is higher than
normal too for the charge voltage.



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