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SubjectFair Pay In Cyberspace!
The Fair Pay In Cyberspace is nearing completion of philosophy.


Background and Points So Far:

I believe that the ultimate iteration of the computational mindset, will
be "Fair Pay In Cyberspace".

Homecomputers started with Eniac-1. It seems to embody monotheistic
principles. And as such drives ofcourse later developments, as a kind of
"forefather" of computers.
I/O seems an early OS, that high-levels input and output, for
easier interaction with hardware.
Unix is a complete high-level OS that generalizes things to
virtualized input/output.
The Amiga is the first affordable homecomputer, with multimedia
possibilties, that gains a large independent user group.
Available source becomes a decentralized operating systems
development paradigm.

I have designed Racoh Computer. as an ultimate iteration of this. A
complete and coherent philosophy for Fair Pay In Cyberspace, that is
monotheistic. that I believe is the only needed philosophy in
cyberspace. And so enjoinably religious. Turning everyone from
independent creators into profitmakers, to big businesses, maximizing
income potential, and on a larger scale, maximal global net income for
all countries, for digital goods.

Fair Pay In Cyberspace should be your monotheistic principle for this.

The design is coherent down to the whole computer design.


An optimal screenmode would use 128x antialiasing, as this is maximal
pixel information, pr resolution. Best with an 8K render to quadratic
subpixel precise 4K surface (8K grid), where ofcourse the subpixel
intensities represents the colordepth optimally. Earlier one has also
determined 72hz to be the minimal psychovisual noise refresh rate
aswell. I also found the 72.734hz refresh rate to be minimal
psychovisual noise, higher will only give more noise.

Since such 4K screens does not exist yet, I haven´t been able to test
that on 4K, but with the amount of information in such a mode, 30hz also
works very well. Here, the undocumented 3x3 Supersampling + 4x SGSS -no
MSAA- Nvidia mode Anisotropic optimizations must be off, and filtering
set to 2x, and LOD Bias -0.5.

A standardization around this mode for Fair Pay In Cyberspace, is what
we want.

A fast pseudo 4K Upscale mode for fantasygames:

Fantasygames has a tendency of getting too graphic on 4K. I suggest
dividing games into two main groups: Fantasy and Simulator. The
helicopter simulator may use The Mode as told about earlier,
fantasygames, may use a 1920x1080 faster fantasymode, where realism is
not so important, and masks unwanted things, such as impressions of
"gore" and exagarrated fantasyelements, "clan" secterism, and regressive
elements in the way of Fair Pay In Cyberspace, and such states it is
only a game.

For this I used a render resolution of 1920x1080, 2x multisampling
antialiasing only (transparency multisampling also on) for smoothing the
edges just a bit, more gets blurry, and 2x anistotropic filtering, for
round edges on zoomed textures and "game profile", and also -0.1250 lod
bias, for "game profile". Negative lod bias allowed, high quality
filtering, and no trilinear optimization. Then we upscale this 3x by
NN, and use a median filter, for extrapolating a pseudo 3x res, and
resample it to 4K, with a bicubic (a=75) filter. This gives a fast,
(pseudo) 4K "game profile" mode for fantasy games, that indeed is what
they want, combining Fair Pay In Cyberspace philosophy, with gamers wishes.

Sound: 1-bit Diode converter.

The audiobusiness has definately become about the 1-bit converter. We
try to do this in the best way, with using a 1-bit converter, with
diodes on the output, and shifting the bitstream up in frequency, so
that one only needs a minimal of analog components on the output, here
just a one pole filter, where theoretically a 3.6mhz stream will give
-110dB nosefloor, as a professional converter.


As a font, we use a script-perfect variant, the Lucida Console Font,
respecting the past masters. Also used on this website.


An OS is I/O via virtualized nodes, signal routing (scheduling etc) and
usually a visual user interface. Programmed with a code-sequence of a
certain dialect, usually Esthetic C. Peak jitter below 200μs converges
to optimal. Streaming conventions could be implemented in a new
standard, and protocol aswell, Could even be a whole new language with
bytecode directly transported to CPU, combining scripting, interpreted,
and native speed, by adding more instructions, possibly 3 clocks in 1
(particulary since a lot of C is just assembly macros anyway), where
instead of HTML commands, this for swiftness and low-latency, and with
all digital distribution goods marked with author, county/country, and
automatically delegated a fair non-selfrejecting welldefined value -
Deliar. Code components for OS, also being digitalgoods etc,
decentralized independent author news, scholarship etc.

And the understanding will be that the OS has available source, intended
for use in a system, where fair pay delegations are done, for resonable
use, eventually maintenance, support and updates for users. Implementing
work union principles, and labour party politics. Indeed Fair Pay In
Cyberspace, aswell.

The whole computing industry is based on business. From Commodore
Business Machines, to International Business Machines, to Microsoft, and
Bill Gates. What better than a machine, that is completely designed for
fair pay, considering general reason, and monotheism.

And do not think of fantasies of Unix hacker-scenarios where there is no
money involved. A hacker was originally a quite serious person working
at Bell Labs, "clocking in and out", making an income. Also related to
the sound of keyboardclicks. People who worked on Unix, and BSD is a
legal derivative of Unix. Which makes it the OS with the least dodgy
background, The GNU Unix ripoff being Linux version of Windows CP/M
ripoff scandal, and shunned for idolaterous zealousy. Microsoft
compilers have software locked 80bit precision also, which is there
(since x86) for a reason, and Windows never had decent thread
priorities, nor realtime. Why not just start patching OpenBSD for a more
pleasurable experience.

Rather Fair Pay In Cyberspace is a real religious principle. It supposes
that there is a truth, and Ommoh ("God") that defines "Fair Pay". And so
the non-selfrejecting value of a work, is the same as the maximal sales
point of business school. And really optimal national net income. And
maximal global economic flow. And this, decentralized, and independent
for all digital distribution goods.

A true and ultimate "hacker"/enthusiast/90s-indie dream/general computer
user would instead be to establish a fair independent internet economy
for digital distribution goods. So Fair Pay In Cyberspace is the
philosophical principle to follow here. With a resulting monotheistic
netculture. From conception to critical mass. That hopefully will
influence culture in general in a positive way.

Peace Be With You.

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