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Subject[PATCH v4 0/2] vfio/mdev: Device namespace protection
v4: Fix the 'create' racing 'remove' gap noted by Kirti by moving
removal from mdev_list to mdev_device_release(). Fix missing
mdev_put_parent() cases in mdev_device_create(), also noted
by Kirti. Added documention update regarding serialization as
noted by Cornelia. Added additional commit log comment about
-EAGAIN vs -ENODEV for 'remove' racing 'create'. Added second
patch to re-order sysfs attributes, with this my targeted
scripts can no longer hit the gap where -EAGAIN is regurned.
BTW, the gap where the current code returns -ENODEV in this
race condition is about 50% easier to hit than it exists in
this series with patch 1 alone.



Alex Williamson (2):
vfio/mdev: Check globally for duplicate devices
vfio/mdev: Re-order sysfs attribute creation

Documentation/vfio-mediated-device.txt | 5 ++
drivers/vfio/mdev/mdev_core.c | 102 +++++++++++---------------------
drivers/vfio/mdev/mdev_private.h | 2 -
drivers/vfio/mdev/mdev_sysfs.c | 14 ++--
4 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 74 deletions(-)

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