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SubjectRe: [PATCH] f2fs: Fix deadlock in shutdown ioctl
On 2018/5/15 15:57, Sahitya Tummala wrote:
> On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 11:39:42AM +0800, Chao Yu wrote:
>> On 2018/5/10 21:20, Sahitya Tummala wrote:
>>> f2fs_ioc_shutdown() ioctl gets stuck in the below path
>>> when going down with full sync (F2FS_GOING_DOWN_FULLSYNC)
>>> option.
>>> __switch_to+0x90/0xc4
>>> percpu_down_write+0x8c/0xc0
>>> freeze_super+0xec/0x1e4
>>> freeze_bdev+0xc4/0xcc
>>> f2fs_ioctl+0xc0c/0x1ce0
>>> f2fs_compat_ioctl+0x98/0x1f0
>>> Fix this by not holding write access during this ioctl.
>> I think we can just remove lock coverage for F2FS_GOING_DOWN_FULLSYNC path, for
>> other path, we need to keep as it is.
> Thanks, I thought about it too but then I checked that XFS shutdown ioctl is
> not taking any lock for this ioctl. Hence, I followed the same in F2FS.
> Do you know why XFS is not taking any lock?

I don't know. :(

> Is it really needed in shutdown ioctl?

IMO, yes, we should keep freeze and remount be aware of the shutdown operation.


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