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Subjectsimplify procfs code for seq_file instances V3
We currently have hundreds of proc files that implement plain, read-only
seq_file based interfaces. This series consolidates them using new
procfs helpers that take the seq_operations or simple show callback

A git tree is available at:

git:// proc_create.3


Changes since V2:
- use unsigned int for state_size everywhere
- move state_size around in proc_dir_entry to use a struct packing hole
- added a new proc_pid_ns helper
- improved a few changelogs
- added back a nubus comment
- minor typo fix
- collected various ACKs

Changes since V1:
- open code proc_create_data to avoid setting not fully initialized
entries live
- use unsigned int for state_size
- dropped the s390/cio/blacklist hunk as it has a write method
- dropped the IPMI patch given that IPMI proc support is scheduled for

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