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SubjectRe: 4.17.0-rc1 doesn't boot.
Heh, your .config is insidious:

ffffffff9ffe3000 B __brk_base
ffffffff9ffe3000 B __bss_stop
ffffffff9fff3000 b .brk.dmi_alloc
ffffffffa0003000 b .brk.early_pgt_alloc
ffffffffa000f000 B _end
ffffffffa000f000 B __brk_limit

dmi_alloc is __init, so it gets freed at some point and the PTEs zeroed
out. That causes the warning when change_page_attr() sees the zero'd
PTE. We just need to special-case the __init section along with the
linear map in pageattr.c.

I'll have some patches to do this shortly.

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