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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 00/23] net: hns3: HNS3 bug fixes & code improvements

On 2018/3/8 13:00, David Miller wrote:
> Sorry, this is way too large of a patch series.
> Please keep your series to about a dozen or so changes.
> Anything longer puts an unreasonable burdon upon patch
> reviewers, and such a large series will often make it
> so that nearly all reviewers are discouraged from taking
> a look at all.
> Thank you.
I will split this patchset into 3 patchset:
VF driver related patchset(6 patches) + reset related patchset(9
patches) + PF bugfix patchset(8 patches).
I think this should be better for review.


> .

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