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SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/10] hwmon: generic-pwm-tachometer: Add generic PWM based tachometer

On Wednesday 07 March 2018 07:50 PM, Guenter Roeck wrote:
> On 03/07/2018 01:47 AM, Rajkumar Rampelli wrote:
>>> While I am not opposed to ABI changes, the merits of those would
>>> need to be
>>> discussed on the mailing list. But replacing "fan1_input" with "rpm" is
>>> not an acceptable ABI change, even if it may measure something that
>>> turns
>>> but isn't a fan.
>>> If this _is_ in fact supposed to be used for something else but
>>> fans, we
>>> would have to discuss what that might be, and if hwmon is the
>>> appropriate
>>> subsystem to measure and report it. This does to some degree lead
>>> back to
>>> my concern of having the "fan" part of this patch series in the pwm
>>> core.
>>> I am still not sure if that makes sense.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Guenter
>> I am planning to add tachometer support in pwm-fan.c driver
>> (drivers/hwmon/) instead of adding new generic-pwm-tachometer.c
>> driver. Measuring RPM value will be done in pwm-fan driver itself
>> using pwm capture feature and will add new sysfs attributes under
>> this driver to report rpm value of fan.
> There is an existing attribute to report the RPM of fans. It is called
> fan[1..n]_input.
> "replacing "fan1_input" with "rpm" is not an acceptable ABI change"
> Preemptive NACK.

The RPM is measured speed via PWM signal capture which is output from fan.
So should we have the fan[1..n]_output_rpm?

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