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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] docs: add Co-Developed-by docs
On Mon,  5 Mar 2018 14:58:21 +1100
"Tobin C. Harding" <> wrote:

> When Co-Developed-by tag was added, docs were only added to
> Documention/process/5.Posting.rst and were not added to
> Documention/process/submitting-patches.rst
> Add documentation to Documention/process/submitting-patches.rst

Someday we should really pull those documents together into a coherent
whole so we don't have these weird synchronization issues. But it's much
easier to just apply this, so that's what I've done for now, with Willy's
comma tweak.

I'll leave the checkpatch part to Joe.



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