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SubjectRe: [RFC 3/4] MIPS: Ingenic: Initial X1000 SoC support
在 2018-03-07三的 19:14 +0530,PrasannaKumar Muralidharan写道:
> I used to get my code tested from Domink but I could not reach him
> for
> quite some time. Before buying the development board myself I would
> like to see if anyone can help me in testing. Do you have any contact
> with Ingenic who can help in testing this?

Hi PrasannaKumar

I'm resently working on Ingenic chips too. Ingentic guys have sent me a
X1000 development broad and it will arrive in about two weeks. I have a
ejtag debugger also (but not very suit with X1000 because X1000 have
different ejtag interface with standard MIPS cores, maybe we need some
modification on openocd). So maybe I can help in testing this after I
get my broad. Just ask if you need any help.
Jiaxun Yang <>

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